Screenshot 156

Where the baby spawns.

Daddy's Nightmare is a game mode in Who's your Daddy. In this game mode, one player (the Daddy) must either find all 3 gasoline cans to restart the generator or survive until 4AM (when Mommy comes home), while the other players (the Babies) have to kill daddy using various weapons. The babies cannot kill themselves, unlike other game modes.

Daddy strategyEdit

Daddy's goal is to restart the generator. To do this you must search the house for the gasoline cans (there are 3 in total). If you can't find them, you can also simply try to survive until 4AM, which is when Mommy comes home and the match ends. Remember:

  1. The babies are invincible, so don't try to hide from them in places that would normally get them killed, like the pool, as it will not effect them.
  1. Unlike the babies, your eyesight is limited, so you must find a light source so you can properly search for gasoline cans
  1. The babies may try to ambush you by hiding behind closed doors (especially if said door is to a room with gasoline in it), so always be wary when opening doors.

Baby strategyEdit

The babies' goal is to kill Daddy before 4AM (when Mommy comes home). To do this, you must attack Daddy with various weapons scattered around the house (or by simply punching him) until his health is zero. Remember:

  1. Your eyesight is more improved than Daddy's, so you can easily see in the dark without the need of a light source.
  1. Certain weapons do more damage. For example, punching Daddy with bare hands inflicts 5 damage, so punching Daddy 20 times will kill him. Hammers do 33 damage, so 3 hits is enough to kill Daddy.
  1. If you come across a room with a gasoline can, you can ambush Daddy by hiding in said room, waiting for Daddy to find the room, and when he does, attack him as quickly as you can.


  • This is the only game mode where the babies are invincible but Daddy isn't. This is the complete opposite of the normal game mode, in which Daddy is invincible but the babies aren't.